Welcome to ShouldIPlayTheLottery.com. Based on your inputs, we can tell you if it is a mathematically correct decision to play the lottery for the upcoming draw.

Using simple calculations we can actually calculate, based on your inputs, the expected return on investment of your purchase of a lottery ticket. Essentially, if the jackpot * the odds of winning the jackpot > the price of a ticket , you actually have more equity in the pot than you are paying for, making it a mathematically correct investment in the long run.

This does not mean, by any means, that you will win the lottery. In fact, it is highly improbable that you will ever win the lottery because of the odds. However, even if you never win, if you only play the lottery when you put your money into a pot where you have the correct odds to do so, you can be safely assured that it is a profitable investment in the long run (even if it never pays off). For a more detailed explanation of the calculation, please click here, or, fill out the form below to see your odds.

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